How We Built A New Website for 17:6 Network

What happens when a network of churches and like minded leaders have a mission to equip and resource leaders to develop and multiply life changing churches throughout the world and need a website to accomplish that mission? Simple, they come to MC2 Design to help execute their vision.

When first meeting with any client we have to establish some SMART Goals. What does that mean? It means creating Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals. Since 17:6 Network didn’t have a website our first goal was to make sure they had one that was specific in its nature to help them achieve their goals of connecting leaders in their community with one another.

Here are a few essential things to consider when building a new website for an organization like 17:6 Network that doesn’t previously have a website:

  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Will it be mobile friendly?
  • What are the calls to action?
  • Does the site provide a solution?
  •  Can you tell visitors at a glance what we do?
  • Is it personable?
  • Does the client have enough content to make the website valuable?
  • Are there enough visuals on the site to attract visitors?
  • Does the navigation make sense?

Assessing our SMART Goals and asking ourselves these questions were crucial in building a new site for our friends at 17:6. Throughout the site you can see how these questions evolved into solutions for a beautiful and functional site.

Immediately upon landing on the site you see a strong, beautiful image that has a clearly defined message: Making a Difference: Equipping leaders to develop and multiply life changing churches. Without going beyond the front page or below the fold, you immediately know what the purpose of the site is.  It looks great and is easy to find whether you’re on your phone or on a desktop because it is in fact a responsive and mobile site.

Wondering where to go next on the site? It’s easy to know where to go because the site has three easily identifiable call-to-action buttons. They drive you to exactly where 17:6 thinks it’s user will want to go.

17:6's goal was to create a website that would be a resource to connect churches and pastors throughout the world to help accomplish their mission, which is to create, develop and operate training programs that developer leadership skills in the regards to their churches.

In short, their site is able to do that. It provides enough valuable content to really provide leaders with the information they may be looking for.  Their navigation represents these solutions very easily and makes it easy for people coming to the page direction on where to go to collect information they need. As you navigate through the site you’ll notice that the pages are broken up with a variety of images, titles and headers and easy to read formatting. Making use of imagery and formatting helps break up the content helping to keep users on the page longer.  

Transforming 17:6 vision into a website that provided a place online for churches to connect was a great opportunity for MC2. We had a lot of fun creating a clean, easy to use website.

The CMS [Content Management System] – making it easy to give 17:6 the functionality that they needed to. Similarly, it is easy for the 17:6 Network to go in and make these additions, changes and updates themselves. The freedom of updates now is in the hand of the client. They can always have us help with maintenance but we love giving the client the ability to use their own site, if they so desire.

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