6 Ways Digital Marketing Has Changed the Business World

Did you know there are countries where people have smartphones but no running water? It has become pretty clear that we are a society driven by digital technology. With knowledge like that, companies today need to have a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact. In this blog, we will look at 6 of the biggest ways that digital marketing has changed and keeps changing the way businesses operate.

1. Instant Communication

With everyone carrying a smartphone in their hand or pocket at all times, we have instant access to the world. We can call, text, video chat, order Chinese takeout, deposiChinesehecks, we can even purchase a new phone from our phone! With this kind of mobile saturation, it is necessary to market via mobile if you’re a business, after all, people are constantly looking at their screens.

Private messaging and instant chat have become extremely popular. According to Forbes, in 2017 Facebook Messenger had more than 1.2 billion monthly users and 1 billion messages were sent between people and businesses every month. Studies have also shown that teenagers now spend more time on messaging apps than they do on actual social networks. To tap into this thriving market, companies are introducing methods of connecting with, and marketing to, potential customers through these types of messaging apps.

2. So Much Data

Modern technology allows marketers to gain an incredible amount of knowledge about their customers. The next step is knowing where, when and how to use that data. Some of the best ways to achieve this are:

  • Knowing which metrics are vital to company success – the key to getting impact from data is knowing what your company wants to get out of it. It’s important to be very specific about what the business outcomes are and build that into how the data is measured and how it impacts the bigger picture.
  • Knowing which channels are going to pay off – With so many technologies and channels, it’s important that a brand needs to focus on the ones that their customers engage with in a meaningful way. Likes and comments may seem important but what really matters is the engagement that builds a relationship between a customer and a brand.
  • Having someone to process data – Having a lot of relevant data is good, but it’s useless without having someone on your team that knows what to do with it. Insights from data are what can drive a business and help them understand the behavior and pain points of a customer.
  • Creating content that is customer focused – The neverending amount of data in cyberspace makes it hard for any brand to make a real impact. The key is knowing who the target audience is and creating content that grabs their attention and encourages them to engage.

3. A New Breed of Influencers

Social media and other video channels like YouTube have allowed everyday people to become extremely influential. Businesses no longer need to hire celebrities to promote their products in order to get millions of people interested.
Instead, they can rely on pretty much anyone with a significant amount of followers and the ability to create a huge influence simply by endorsing a specific product.

4. Make Brands More Human

Customers want to know and trust the companies they are doing business with. One way to do this is by the use of social media marketing. Social Media should be the center of any business’s marketing strategy. This allows consumers to get a glimpse into your brand and company culture. If they like you, they will most likely give you their business.

One well-known company that utilizes social media well is Apple. Their marketing strategy ensures that their brand cannot be ignored. They use live streamed events that attract an audience of millions. Their strategy is so effective that Apple has millions of people supporting their products before they are even released.

5. Content Overload 

Do you know how much content is currently online? The answer is a lot, so much that it has been given the terminology, “content shock.” According to an article on Linkedin, every 60 seconds on Facebook: more than 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. From a marketers point of view, that means that there is a lot of work that goes into getting their message and brand noticed amongst the vast amount of content.

6. Staying Ahead

Digital technology can change at a fast pace; sometimes overnight. Because of all the frequent changes, businesses must stay agile, work collaboratively and most importantly keep up to date with changes so they have the skills to utilize the changes to the company's advantage. Continual learning and education in the workplace is a great way to achieve this. Employees can be proactive in knowing what is coming down the line and understand how their brand can use these changes to its’ advantage. To achieve digital success, businesses should be aware of the pace of change and invest in learning and development initiatives that ensure they are on the cutting edge of digital marketing tactics.

As a whole, digital marketing has vastly changed how business is conducted today. It has made interactions between companies and consumers more efficient and more user-friendly than ever. However, with the ever-changing digital climate, It’s vital for any business to stay on top of the current trends, not doing so would be a huge disadvantage for the organization.

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