Partnered with the client to create a strategy to accelerate sales after a brand relaunch, create an integrated digital marketing strategy and hit target sales goals.

At a Glance

  • +136% monthly revenue increase
  • +729% return on advertising spend improvement (not a typo!)
  • +52% organic revenue


We entered into an integrated partnership where our diverse and skilled team could extend their marketing efforts. We completed a full assessment of the site, digital spends, and content. We designed and continue to improve on a fully integrated strategy built around optimizing digital spends and developing an ongoing brand and product awareness through specific content strategy and platform management.


Some of the key results were; instant decrease in advertising spends with increased sales through optimization of their digital advertising strategy. A significant increase in monthly sales. Hit key monthly first-time revenue goals and maintained it. Very focused and dedicated social and content strategies. Dedicated team to monitor, analyze and strategize marketing needs. Eliminated in-house marketing management and allowed internal team and leadership to focus on other key areas of the business.

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