Golden State Farm Credit (GSFC) had been operating with an outdated website for several years. The site lacked a modern feel, wasn't optimized for user-friendly navigation, and did not adequately showcase the services GSFC provides to its customers. As a company that prides itself on being customer-oriented, GSFC recognized the need for a comprehensive website overhaul.


Prior to the redesign, the GSFC team felt the website was not representative of their customers and the services they offered. The outdated design was a barrier, hindering easy navigation, and the lack of new features was a significant limitation. The site didn't offer the seamless online banking experience that GSFC desired for its customers, and the inability to integrate social media feeds was a missed opportunity for increased customer engagement.

The MC2 Solution

MC2 came onboard to drive this digital transformation. The team invested time to understand GSFC's business, customer base, and the key messages they wanted to convey. MC2 then translated these insights into a revamped website that was not just visually appealing but also functional, user-friendly, and customer-oriented.


Post-launch, GSFC reported overwhelmingly positive reactions from both their internal team and customers. The newly designed website now better represents their customers and the services they provide. With an easy-to-navigate interface, the site has made online banking and customer portal access much more straightforward.

The inclusion of a social media feed feature has been a hit, facilitating better customer engagement. Overall, the new site has significantly improved GSFC's ability to articulate and demonstrate the services they provide to their customers.

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