The City of Chico, in an effort to improve digital equity, reliability, and access to high-speed internet for its citizens, decided to launch a new fiber utility. They partnered with our agency with a clear objective: to create a brand that encapsulates speed, reliability, affordability, connectivity, community, equity, competence, stability, and trust. The brand needed to appeal to a broad range of stakeholders while also maintaining simplicity and local resonance.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to devise a brand name and visual identity that spoke to the essence of the mission, while ensuring it was future-proof, versatile, and unique in its category. The name needed to be SMART: Simple, Memorable, Available, Reusable, and Timeless. We had to ensure that the brand would be easily identifiable, fostering loyalty among its customers as it grew and expanded.

Naming Process

We embarked on a rigorous six-step naming process:

  1. Establishing Direction and Objectives: We held in-depth discussions about the fiber utility's purpose, target audience, and long-term goals, setting a clear naming direction.
  2. Research: We conducted a comprehensive study of the market and competitors, focusing especially on businesses in similar industries.
  3. Data Analysis and Stakeholder Interviews: We sorted and analyzed the collected data, conducting additional interviews with stakeholders and customers for more nuanced understanding.
  4. Brainstorming and Shortlisting: We brainstormed potential name options and created a shortlist of names for initial review.
  5. Final Selection: We refined the shortlist further into finalists, factoring in considerations like domain name availability and initial trademark screening.
  6. Finalization: Collaborating with key stakeholders, we finalized the brand name and supporting text based on our research and brainstorming.

The chosen name was North Valley Fiber. This name encapsulates the brand's local focus while also conveying the broad appeal of the service. The 'North Valley' indicates the geographical context, and 'Fiber' speaks directly to the service offered - high-speed fiber internet. The name is simple, memorable, and future-oriented, successfully meeting our SMART criteria.

Branding Process

We developed a comprehensive brand identity through a four-step process:

  1. Stylescape Development: We crafted a visual direction for the project using a collection of design elements that resonated with the brand's essence.
  2. Logo Design: We translated initial sketches into a final vector logo, integrating a color palette that communicated speed, reliability, and connectivity.
  3. Brand Guide Compilation: We assembled a comprehensive brand guide, encompassing all brand elements, to ensure consistent representation across all platforms.
  4. File Delivery: We delivered final designs and a digital brand book, ensuring the client had all necessary materials for future use.


Through our systematic naming and branding processes, we were able to create a strong brand identity for North Valley Fiber. The brand now stands as a symbol of community, connectivity, and digital equity, resonating with the values of the City of Chico and its citizens. The name and logo are easily recognizable and memorable, fostering loyalty and a sense of community among customers. The brand represents a promise of affordable, reliable, and high-speed fiber internet service, bridging the digital divide in the city, and empowering its people.

As of today, North Valley Fiber is one of the most trusted and competent providers in the region, living up to its mission and the values it stands for.

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