Our primary objective is developing integrated strategies, inventing creative new ideas, and executing all ongoing outbound B2C and B2B marketing efforts focused on student recruitment.

At a glance

  • Transbanker product launch in 120 days
  • Rollout of new lineman.edu website
  • +132% click-through-rate improvement
  • +41% cost per click improvement
  • +11% traffic increase with 41% less budget
  • +39% pages visited per session
  • +53% average session time


We provided a fully integrated marketing team focused on developing and executing strategies to improve the effectiveness of outbound student recruitment efforts.


From day one we were able to provide instant improvements with digital advertising effectiveness, making a significant improvement in Return on Advertising Spend through a more optimized campaign strategy. We also updated and streamlined the digital sales funnels for better tracking and technology integration. We then launched a complete marketing campaign around a revolutionary new training product, The TransBanker, in the first 120 days. In addition, we also developed physical support materials all while working as an integrated extension of the NLC’s team.

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