About the Client

Owens, established in 1957, is a locally-owned management company rooted in Redding, California. And is a key part of the Friesen Group's portfolio. Owens provides a broad range of services within the healthcare sector.

The Challenge

Owens was grappling with a brand identity that lacked clarity and differentiation in their market space. Each healthcare division was operating under the same brand name. Their objective was to better define each divisions unique value proposition, distinguish themselves from competitors and create an overarching branding strategy that allowed each company to stand alone, yet still be identifiable as part of a larger group.

The Objective

Our mission was to craft individual stand alone brands and brand strategy that would effectively communicate Owens' unique offerings, position them as a community leader, and clearly differentiate them from competitors. This rebranding was to span across the Owens brand and its various sub-brands.

Owens brand logo and name

The Solution

A Comprehensive Naming and Branding Process

To meet this challenge, we embarked on a comprehensive naming and branding journey that included renaming and rebranding divisions within Owens Healthcare, while ensuring each sub-brand's unique identity was clear and distinct.

Rebranding Process

We kicked off with a foundational meeting to align on design direction and aesthetics. The following steps were then undertaken:

  1. Stylescape Development: Crafted a visual direction for the project using a collection of design elements.

  2. Logo Design: Translated initial sketches into a final vector logo, followed by the integration of a color palette.

  3. Brand Guide Compilation: Assembled a comprehensive guide with all brand elements.

  4. File Delivery of final designs and digital brand book

This streamlined process ensured Owens' rebranding was effectively aligned with their vision and resonated with their audience.

The Renaming Process

  1. Establish Direction and Objectives: We initiated detailed discussions about Owens' business, goals, and target audience to establish a general framework for the naming direction.

  2. Research: We conducted thorough research on the market and competitors, particularly focusing on like-companies.

  3. Data Analysis and Stakeholder Interviews: We sorted and analyzed the data collected, conducting further interviews with stakeholders and customers as needed.

  4. Brainstorming and Shortlisting: We brainstormed potential name options and created a shortlist of names for initial review.

  5. Final Selection: We further culled the shortlist into finalists, considering factors like domain name availability and preliminary trademark screening.

  6. Finalization: Working with key stakeholders we finalized the name and supporting text based on our research and brainstorming.

The renaming process led to the following changes:

  • Owens Long-term Care Pharmacy became "Lifemed"

  • Owens Infusion Services was renamed as "WellScript"

  • Owens' original brand was updated for a more current and relevant appeal and would continue to support the medical equipment side of the business.

The Results

The strategic renaming and rebranding delivered a fresh and clear brand identity for each of the original Owens portfolio. Each division now boasts a unique identity, allowing them to stand independently while still being recognized as part of the larger group, creating a synergistic effect especially within the healthcare divisions. This project underlines the power of a comprehensive rebranding strategy in clarifying a company's offerings, differentiating it from competitors, and solidifying its position in the market. Each division now enjoys a revitalized and cohesive brand identity, priming them for continued growth and success.

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