Blogging Isn’t Dead: 5 Ways You’re Losing Without a Blog


What comes to mind? Maybe you picture a millennial Instagrammer documenting her road trip down the coast of California...or perhaps a bored teenager journaling about their “hard life” in the oh-so-lame 2000’s. While you might think blogs are some sort of creative outlet for the younger generation, what if I told you your business is actually losing potential customers by not having a blog? With consumers doing more business online, your website is key. And one of the main tools to make your website and online presence more publicized is through posting regularly to your business blog.

By not having a blog your business could be:

1. Missing out on SEO

One of the main reasons why your company needs a blog is to increase visibility. The more blog posts you create, the more customers will find your website through search engines (like Google) as they look for solutions to their problems. By posting consistent and frequent blog articles, you could increase the amount of traffic to your website. And more people on your website = more business. Simply put, blogging is a great way to strengthen and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy! 

2. Limiting social media exposure

You are more likely to be seen on social media if you post blog articles regularly. When you post blogs, you’re creating something people can share, making you more visible to a wider audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or other channels, when you post a fun, engaging or informative blog, people will share it and you’ll expand your reach even more!

Bonus: Blog articles also give you more content to post across social media. Whether it’s quotes, images, or videos from the post or just an announcement about the post itself, you can repurpose the content to fit a wide variety of platforms. This makes it easier for you to up your social media game in a relatively quick amount of time and - even better - your customers will be more engaged with your interesting content.

3. Viewed as less credible

Nobody will buy your products or services if you are not credible or trustworthy. Blogging is one way to show you are relevant, trustworthy, and have authority. Once you start blogging though, you’ll want to be careful not to come off as being too promotional. You want your blog to be strategic, helpful, and done well. Don’t just write a blog because you feel like you should. Do it with intention and strategy, and be sure your blog offers content with purpose to help inform, offer solutions, and be educational.The more your company posts content proving you’re a guide and authority in your industry, the more you will stand out.

4. Missing out on results

According to a study by HubSpot, they reported that more than three-quarters of their blog views are from older posts. Even better, those archived blog posts contributed to a vast majority of their blog leads. If you don’t have a blog, you are losing out on the opportunity for free advertising long after you’ve put in the work of writing the blog. As posts become older, they increase in social shares and search rankings. The more you post, the more content you have, but also the more viewings you’ll receive after you’ve already forgotten about that post.

Be sure to include a strong and clear “call to action” at the end of each article. Whether it’s to schedule a consultation, set up a call, or a button that reads “buy now” - your traffic from searches on old posts are from new visitors! So be sure to let them know how to engage with you or your products/services.

5. Losing opportunities for conversion

Whether someone stumbled upon an old post or searched specifically for information relating to one of your newer posts, blogging converts traffic into leads. By offering solutions on your blog or simply giving out valuable information, random internet surfers will find your blog article and potentially turn into customers...and that’s a deal you don’t want to miss! This is why your blog should always have a call to action. If your post is engaging and helpful, potential customers will want to contact you, and this is where you will see the biggest results from your blog - you will actually get new business simply from blogging.

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