Integrated Marketing Partners

Our mission with Butte College is to increase enrollment and program awareness. Our incredible working relationship with PR & Marketing has allowed transparency in reaching goals and objectives

At a Glance

  • Develop and expand ongoing digital marketing program
  • +100% digital footprint increase 2017-18
  • 5000 searches per month redirecting to site
  • Developed Promise Program where students could receive funding for up to two semesters


We joined forces with Butte College’s PR & Marketing department to better measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts. Through our partnership, we have delivered a diverse range of services and brought enormous success. With the implementation of data analytics we have been able to design a concentrated marketing plan that allows us to track and understand users through the registration process.


With our continued data analysis we have helped build steady enrollment growth. Our objective is to track the media streams that are most effective for each audience demographic, evaluate how potential students of various ages and interests receive information, and deliver important messaging to help them make the choice to attend Butte College.

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